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PicFic is a male/male slash community for stories from any fandom, any pairing, including original fiction. Every month the moderators will post a picture and anyone who wishes to participate will have that month to post a story inspired by the picture. The sole purpose is to provide inspiration for writers, generate some good stories, and have some fun while we're doing it.

The Rules:

Because there have to be rules.

1. Stories can be any rating, but must be inspired by the picture of the month or a previous month. Inspired does not mean that the story has to contain a literal depiction of what is in the picture, although you can do that if you wish. The author can try to capture the mood of the picture, or show the events leading up to what's pictured, or the events that follow. As they are with most things, the maintainers are pretty loose with their definition of inspired.
2. Anything sexually explicit must be put behind a cut tag.
3. No RPS, no characters under the age of sixteen.
4. Stories should be posted to the community behind a cut tag, or as a link to your personal website. Please include the following:

Fandom: (if it's not fanfic simply say "original fic")
Author's Notes:

Feel free to include a link to your personal website in the header so readers can find more of your writing.

Warnings are not required, but please show reasonable consideration for readers if your story contains material that others might find distrubing.

5. You may post your story to other lists or communities immediately. There is no exclusivity requirement.
6. You may post stories inspired by previous month's pics at any time, just include a link to the relevant picture post.
7. We will not be adding stories to the memories section, so please include tags with your name and the fandom, so that future readers may find your story.
8. Be polite, be civil, have fun.

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